angesbaggies Using Copied 2006 Brunel the Man Two Pound Coin Image on eBay

angesbaggies from Oldbury stole our 2006 Brunel the Man Two Pound Coin photograph to use on eBay, without our permission, to try to sell his own. It is totally dishonest. Image theft is endemic on eBay, and most sellers appear not to care whether their buyers are deceived.

High eBay Feedback is No Guarantee of Integrity or Honesty

When we wrote this page, this eBay member’s feedback was 7 with 100% Positive Feedback according to eBay.

eBay Copyright Thieves

Many eBay vendors use our coin photographs to sell inferior quality coins on eBay. These eBay members are dishonest and should be avoided.
We believe eBay profits from IP rights infringements (copyright theft), and does so knowingly, only removing infringing items reluctantly, if at all.

What’s Wrong?

We invest a great deal of time, effort, and cost into creating some of the best photographic coin and gold bar images on the internet. We strongly object when lazy and dishonest people decide to use them without a by your leave or thanks, doing so in competition with us. It is always possible, even likely, that sellers who steal photographs do not own a similar item, and have the intention to totally defraud potential buyers.

Copyright theft is dishonest. We recommend you avoid doing business with dishonest dealers. The vendor is not only cheating us by stealing our copyright images, he is fraudulently or ignorantly misleading and deceiving all potential buyers. Gaining pecuniary advantage by deception is the definition of fraud.

Sample Listing

Rare Brunel the man coin from 2006

Seller ID:
Item Number:
9th August 2015
£ 6.00.

The seller was asking for a buy it now price of £6.00.

Even before eBay’s greedy 10% selling fees, and possible PayPal charges, the seller would almost certainly have been much better off selling the coins to us, instead of stealing our photographs.

The seller is using a photograph of a high quality proof coin in order to sell his own circulated version, this is dishonest and we imagine there will be a disappointed buyer, if this coin sells.




Oldbury, United Kingdom
  • ebay user angesbaggies item 161759763531
  • 2006twopoundsbrunelthemansilverproofrev400
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