Daily Mail Associated Newspapers £1,500

On Monday 28th May, the Daily Mail (part of Associated Newspapers), used our photo of Raphael Maklouf without our permission. We noticed this via a Google News Alert for coins. The photo appeared on the Mail Online website, and we still do not know whether they also used it in the print version.

We were surprised to see the photo of Raphael Maklouf, which is our copyright photograph, which we took with Raphael’s permission, but not much co-operation, at the Berlin World Money Fair.

As Associated Newspapers, the Daily Mail’s owners, used the picture without our permission, or Raphael’s, we wrote to them, with our “standard notice before action” letter.

They put up quite strong resistance, and we can easily guess that they must be experts at copyright abuse.

I can report that Associated Newspapers paid us £1500; this is probably a reasonable amount considering they are not direct competitors.


  • Raphael Maklouf