London Mint Office

The misleadingly named London Mint Office, with a £24 million turnover, and part of the giant Samlerhuset Group, also used a number of our gold sovereign photos on their website.

When we served our notice before legal action on them, they appeared to ignore it, and only after we passed the matter to our solicitors did their solicitor make contact to allege they had not received our letter until the day after our deadline, and that the 7 days notice was unreasonable. This surprised us as we sent them two copies, one signed for and one not. We were able to show them that it had been signed for the day after we posted it.

After much almost laughable delay, they complied with our undertakings, and paid up including our legal costs. Another example where the copyists could have saved themselves two lots of legal costs if they had seen fit to agree in the first place.