Ebay Conspires with its Members to Allow Copyright Abuse

We do not believe ebay’s propaganda that it takes copyright abuse seriously. If it did, it would be more pro-active. We suspect them of implicit conspiracy with its members.

The Evidence

Time after time, when we report copyright infringements to ebay via their VeRO programme, there is an unacceptable delay or complete failure to remove the offending listings. We frequently have to send them a strongly worded reminder before they get round to taking any action

In the last 24 hours, they have removed 6 listings which we originally reported 3 weeks ago., and which we re-reported recently. There is still one listing which we reported 3 weeks ago, which has not been removed.

The 6 mentioned above have now been removed after our usual strongly worded reminder.

ebay user vivaldi_1977 item 230929705689

Just one of the listings that we have repeatedly reported to eBay.