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We are happy for students to make use of the material on our site for normal educational purposes providing that you quote our web site as your source.

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We will also be happy for individuals to make a single copy of our material for their own personal use such as a screensaver.

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We will usually permit limited non-profit, non-commercial use of our material depending on circumstances. Please contact us with details of proposed use.

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If you use any of our images on a website, please place a copyright notice (Copyright © 2011 near the image in a normal readable size font, incorporating a link to our “home” site
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Please do not place images on any website by calling them from our site (hotlinking). In addition to copyright infringement, you would also be stealing our bandwidth. Amongst other remedies we will contact your internet service provider who will probably disable your site or privileges.


We are aware that many journalists find the information on our site very useful. We are happy for you to make use of information in the text (but not images or photographs of coins), but please quote our site as your source. Please contact us, telephone is best, if you want further information.

Commercial Use

We are often asked to supply high resolution images to publishers for commercial use, and can usually supply these under licence for a fee appropriate to the intended use. Most of our earlier images were captured on Fuji S1 digital camera similar to a Nikon D1, so our as shot images were about 6 megapixels, and about 2.5 MB in JPEG format, 25MB Raw. After correct rotation, cropping, and adjusting levels, these often reduce to about 250 KB. We have now upgraded to a far superior Canon system, “as shot” images are 11 megapixel jpegs. We can also provide in the larger TIFF format.
Please do not use any of our images to buy or sell coins or other items, or in any other form of trade, whether you are a dealer, a private seller on EBay, or other trader of any kind. We will take strong action against this type of abuse.

Legal Notice

We will take legal action against anybody using our images or other material without our permission for any commercial purposes. This includes use by other dealers, website owners, and private vendors on their own websites or on ebay or other similar sites. In cases where we become aware that our intellectual property rights have been breached, we will seek compensation for the unauthorised use, for our administrative time, and for all legal costs involved in stopping the misuse and obtaining compensation.
We may also attach a hall of shame link to this page with details of offenders, with a recommendation that others avoid doing business with those who are sufficiently unethical as to steal our copyright material.


We reserve the right to change any of our copyright conditions without notice, or to withdraw permissions granted, unless subject to written contract.