Copyright Infringement Remedies

Suggested Remedies
We offer the suggested remedies without prejudice:

  • Copyright Infringements by Direct Competitors – Coin & Bullion Dealers, Jewellers
    If you fall into this category, we consider you as in the worst class of offender.
    We suggest you remove all trace of our images or other copyright material from your websites or pages.
    Once you have done this, you should contact us in writing, and include:

    • Your full contact details.
    • The relevant images or other copyright material.
    • The relevant pages on your website(s).
    • A solemn undertaking not to re-offend. This should be in appropriate legal format and language. Consult a lawyer to help you draft the document if in any doubt.
    • An account of all sales and profits from the direct or indirect use of our images or other material.
    • A substantial offer of financial compensation. (Banking information). The minimum we will normally consider is £5,000. We have agreed on this amount on a number of occasions.
    • A substantial payment on account, which you may wish to transfer direct to one of our bank accounts, details of which you can find on our About Us page…
    • If you make it easy for us, we will not need to instruct our legal advisors, so there will be no additional legal fees, however if we feel that we need to consult or instruct our lawyers, we will hold you responsible for any and all of our legal fees, in addition to your own.

    If we receive the above before we have contacted you, we will give more favourable consideration to your approach.
    Please note, this does not include any offer or commitment on our part to remove any or all of our Name & Shame pages. We pride our editorial integrity. If your approach and offer is genuine, and any correspondence is easy and cordial, we will give consideration to publishing a “pardon” on the relevant pages. If you really want us to completely remove the page about you, we would also consider this for a consideration at least equal to the amount of compensation.

  • Commercial Indirect Competitor Including Advertising Portals Disguised as Expert Advice Sites
    We consider you as a serious competitor, although not in quite the same class as a Direct Competitor.
    There are two obvious remedies, although a combination of the two may be appropriate

    1. Removal of all relevant material, and proceed to follow the suggestions for Direct Competitors, as above.
    2. Place a clear prominent credit and indexable link next to each and every copied image. Publish a clearly accessible and indexable apology and retraction page on your site. Allocate a prominent permanent advertising space for us on your site. Advise us fully of your actions.
  • Private Vendors on eBay & Other Auction Sites
    We do consider you as a direct competitor. Although we welcome healthy competition, using our material in direct competition with us is unfair, and we do feel very strongly about it.
    You should follow our suggestions for Direct Competitors as in (1) above, although we would probably accept a simple written undertaking in place of a solemn declaration. We would suggest a compensation of 10% of the value of your item(s), with a minimum of £100.
  • eBay & Other Auction Sites
    We remain skeptical about any expressed sincerity about your respect for IP rights. We believe eBay and most other similar auction or listing facility sites to be in implicit collusion with your members. We frequently notice your tardiness and apparent reluctance to remove reported material promptly if at all, and we believe you have inadequate pre-emptive filtering and quality control over your members and their listings.
    You should contact us with your suggested remedies, but bear (1 above) in mind.
  • Private Non-Commercial Sites
    Including blogs, educational, collector, numismatic clubs, and advice sites.
    We welcome and encourage the use of our images on high quality, informative sites.
    Please ensure you place a clear credit and link near any and all images sourced directly or indirectly from our sites.
    Please advise us that you have done so, and include your full contact details. We do not expect any financial reward or compensation.
    This category is strictly for sites and pages which contain no paid advertising links.
    We will make an exception for high quality sites where a limited amount of sponsorship or other advertising helps to cover the costs of running a non-commercial site. If in any doubt please contact us.